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Camp Millican has adapted in 2020 to meet the COVID-19 crisis.

After careful consideration, we have determined that the only way to feasibly and safely operate Camp Millican 2020 is to move away from our usual week-long “day camp” format.  While recognizing the necessity for change this summer, we share our campers’ disappointment that the usual Camp Millican experience will not be available.  The formative and memorable days of summer camp are a special time our staff and campers look forward to all year.  Nonetheless, our creative team is committed to continue providing opportunities for youth and their families to play and learn outdoors this year.  We are confident that we will grow new, fond memories this summer, even if things feel a little different.

Join us for the best summer ever!

Camp Millican is a summer camp for kids ages 4-14 which promotes healthy discovery and outdoor adventures. We are a program of the Millican Alliance. As an outdoor program, Camp Millican provides a fun, enriching experience aimed at strengthening a child’s sense of well-being and cultivating a bond with nature.

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Warmest Greetings Friends of Camp Millican!

The Camp Millican Team hopes this email finds you and your family staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.  In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff has spent the last few months monitoring, evaluating and thoughtfully planning needed changes for this summer’s activities based on the recommendations of health authorities.   While our goal is always to provide nourishing outdoor play and adventures for our campers, the health and safety of our community is our first concern.  As you might expect, it will be necessary to make substantial changes to Camp Millican programming this summer as we find ways to continue providing a high-quality experience that strengthens our campers’ sense of well-being and bond with nature.

We would like to extend our sympathies to those of you who have been affected by COVID-19.  We offer our deep gratitude to healthcare workers, essential service providers, and to the brave and patient kids and parents in our community.  This has been a challenging time for all, and we hope we can play a part in bringing a sense of normalcy, however small, back into our children’s lives this summer.

 Andrea Merritt

Programming and Format

Camp Millican 2020 starts will run through July 4 with a limited schedule.   Our main camp programming will be geared towards children between 4 and 10 years old.  We will also offer our popular Junior Chief program for children between the ages of 11 and 14 years.

All of our programs will have limited enrollment and be subject to availability.  In addition, all activities, protocols, dates, and times (as described below) are subject to modification over the course of the summer as conditions and health requirements change.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work through this new program structure.

Please note that this summer we will require adult supervision by a parent (or a parent-designated guardian) for children aged 4 to 7 years.  These designated adult guardians will be welcomed to participate in learning and exploration alongside their campers if they choose, but their primary role will be to assist our youngest campers with social distancing protocols to ensure the wellness and safety of all participants.

Campers ages 8 years and older will be welcomed to camp without a required adult guardian.  (However, parents are still welcome to participate with the older campers if they would like!)  All Camp participants will be required to practice appropriate social distancing to help ensure wellness and safety at Camp Millican.

Campers Aged 4 to 10 Years

Flexible, “a la Carte” Programming

Camp Millican will offer a variety of fun, enriching activities during 2-hour camp sessions. Each session will be conducted outdoor and involve station-based programs.  Each station will be managed by a member of our Camp Millican staff.  Families must adhere to social distancing and other Camp safety protocols, including a limited amount of adult guardian involvement.

 Junior Chief Program

 We are pleased to welcome back our Junior Chiefs (youth 11-14 years-old)!  The Junior Chief program nurtures youth leadership skills in our older campers. These youth leaders assist camp staff and playing alongside the younger campers.   Junior Chiefs will attend a 2-hour leadership training program, participate in 3 hands-on program days and will be welcome at all Youth Leader Field Days over the course of the summer. In addition, Junior Chiefs may enroll in additional program days based on availability.

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Scholarships Available!

Millican Alliance believes that all children grow brighter and healthier when given access to nature and educators who design safe and meaningful play scenarios that facilitate a lasting relationship with the outdoors.  The Camp Millican Family Service and Scholarship programs are designed to provide assistance so all children can have access to outdoor play and learning.

To register for our family service project or apply for a full or partial scholarship, please click here to apply.