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Millican Alliance Information Packet

On behalf of the Millican Alliance and our educational partners, thank you for supporting our mission and helping us grow into a healthier community. Our goal and pleasure is to bring high quality programs to this region while employing the beautiful Texas landscape as a backdrop for children and adults to play and learn. We value the wonder, creativity and curiosity that is cultivated through a safe and thoughtful interaction with nature. I especially delight in watching kids, young and old, experience the awe that I knew as a child while nature unfolds in front of them. I am reminded daily that I was once one of these nature-curious children and how a passion for the outdoors has helped to cultivate a life-long respect for the importance of outdoor play and learning.

With your support, we will continue to build our footprint by expanding our education and outreach programs for both children and adults. Camp Millican, the Millican Alliance Youth Ambassadors program, the Millican Alliance Day at Play, and the Farmer’s Table programs are growing. By teaching our neighbors to thoughtfully interact with nature, we are both cultivating future leaders in our community and creating a healthier place for us all to live.

We have set in motion a new and valuable resource for the Brazos Valley. With your help, we will continue to lead people back into nature. Please take some time to download and review the linked information packet below and learn more about what the Millican Alliance is doing for our community.

Thank you for your support.

Andrea Merritt

Executive Director

PS: Please note that, once downloaded, the PDF file below is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat.

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